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Odett X CsaK | Fehér fény

They were supposed to record the music video for the new song in March, but were forced to cancel the shooting as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. This is how finally Csaba Klement known for his cute GIFs ended up creating the animation inspired by Alice in Wonderland for Odett’s song titled “Fehér fény” – the best possible plan A.

Odett Polgár releases her next single in September 2020, and she plans to release the songs of the album continuously until then. Fehér fény is the first in the line. The music of the song was composed by Miki Toldi and Odett together, and lyrics were written by Benedek Szabó, the front man of Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok.

“This was my first time working with Benedek, but I hope not the last. Making Fehér fény was quite smooth compared to the experiences of past years: each and every work phase was a true delight. When I contacted Benedek, and we started talking about the message of the song, my only comment was “time travel”, not as my own nostalgia, but in a more sophisticated form. But the analogy with the current situation is a complete coincidence – as the songwriter has put it, the chorus turned out quite epic. For me, Fehér fény meant a kind of cleansing process, pathfinding, realizing and replanning, full of zest for life” – Odett told us.

The movie video was supposed to be a filmed material, and the participants were also selected more or less, but then life intervened.However, Odett did not give way to despair. Getting through with what she really wants in some way or another is very typical of her.Three weeks ago, she moved to the countryside from Budapest, she felt that lockdown would be safer and more feasible this way.“On the second night when I took my dog out for a walk, it became quite certain that our first shooting concept related to Fehér fény could not be implemented, and the idea of an animated video just hit me. I already had the chance to work with Csabi earlier in relation to my Sziget hymn in 2016, and he also had a charity initiative in which I participated. This was enough for me to give the task to him and I was very happy when he said yes. Although we didn’t’ implement our original idea, I think we managed to find another plan “A” that suits the song perfectly” – the singer told us.

Up until now, Csaba Klement has mainly created GIFs, and haven’t really done animations longer than one minute, but Odett contacted him when he was in an experimental mood, and so he was happy about this enquiry. “In the beginning, I had a completely different, associative idea – first thoughts drafted while listening to the music and the lyrics – which I showed to Odett and she said: this is nice, but isn’t it a bit boring? And well yes, it was a bit boring (smiles). It was extremely difficult and quite a challenging job. Then after we had the Alice idea and the animatics, somehow everything fell into place. The different scenes can be interpreted as smaller animations, and there are repetitive motions in them just like in the case of GIFs. Then I only had to figure out how to connect them. I solved it. It was a fantastic challenge! Of course, this project required much more work, thinking and planning compared to my previous jobs, but I enjoyed it very much” – Csaba told us.

They also created coloring books from the favorite scenes selected from the video to help us alleviate stress during the lockdown:

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