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Special fine jewelry turning light into tattoos | THE RAYY

The pieces of Swiss jewelry brand THE RAYY do not only carry a special meaning for their wearers: thanks to their innovative manufacturing technology, they reflect light rays in such a way that reveals the message to the entire world.

“Made of gold, diamonds and light” reads THE RAYY‘s website. Light is indeed one of the ingredients here, and not only the concomitant of precious metals and gemstones: the brand combines the thousand-year-old art of metalsmithing and high-tech methodologies to craft their special jewelry pieces.

The minds behind the technology are Yuliy Shwartzburg and Romain Testuz. As a result of years of scientific research, they can structure the surface of gold in a manner to reflect light in a pre-determined shape.

In simplified terms, the process starts with calculating where the light will concentrate on the piece of jewelry with a high-precision optical simulation, and then they carve the message or symbol on the gold surface in light of this information.

The 18 karat gold jewelry are designed by the creative director of the brand, Noémie Arrigo, along three basic principles: abstraction, modernity and simplicity. Usually she takes an abstract idea and manifests it in the form of jewelry, but she also loves reshaping and reinterpreting the ‘Classics’, thus giving them a twist. In their latest collection, the brand collaborated with famous Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi—this is how the pendant collection carrying the symbols of the twelve zodiac signs was born.

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