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Speculative car interiors | Lexus

How would the car interior of the future look if we got rid of all unnecessary factors? Playing with this idea, Lexus asked designers from three different fields to unleash their imagination in designing the interior of the electric LF-Z model.

In the vivid spatial concept of shoe designer Salehe Bembury, he experiments with materials that are unusual in car design, such as cork, cedar and granite. The overall effect is a combination of naturalness and virtuality, in which the inspiration of the designer’s own field of expertise is highlighted.

Digital artist Ondrej Zunka wanted to refrain from everything that’s conventional in car design. He wanted to create a feeling as if the interior was not designed by a human but by artificial intelligence.

The Tokyo-based fashion brand Hender Scheme came up with a monochrome leather interior, alluding to the long-standing collaboration of Lexus and Asakusa leatherworkers. Following the concept, they left the leather untreated so that it will show the passage of time, deepening the connection between the owner and the interior.

Source: Design Milk

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