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Stamps warning of climate change | Berry Creative

Birds turning into skeletons and snow clouds transforming into thunderstorm: the stamps created by Finnish studio Berry Creative send a message about the negative consequences of climate change with heat-reactive graphics.

Commissioned by the Finnish Post Office, the Climate Change Stamps offer an innovative way of communicating the negative effects climate change will have on Finland and the consequences of rising temperatures.

The stamps come in three basic designs. At first glance, what we see are black silhouettes against colored gradient backgrounds. When exposed to heat, for example when rubbed with our fingers, the black silhouettes reveal additional graphics: the snow cloud turns into a thunderstorm, thus calling attention to the loss of winter snowfall, while the bird turns into a skeleton as a representation of the extinction of many of Finland’s native species. The third design reflects on immigration due to climate issues: many people are forced to leave their homes owing to harsh weather conditions.

“Unlike the effect in the stamp, climate change is not reversible” – said the creators.

Source: Dezeen

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