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The new life of the 3-stripes jogger | Lotta Volkova x Adidas

With its pieces evoking the last days of the Eastern bloc, Adidas’s latest capsule collection will trigger some nostalgia in the thirty-somethings of our time, for sure.

The 3-stripes Adidas tracksuit is one of the basic items of the post-Soviet style. You can always do more or can look at it as a sort of reference point, just like Lotta Volkova did, when invited by Adidas to design their new collection. The stylists who has previously showed her extravagant style in the team of Vetements and Balenciaga was brought up in Vladivostok, Russia, and her early years have played a major role in shaping her adult style, too.

“I feel Adidas has always been around. What I mean is it has been such a reference in Eastern European culture, as well as Western subcultures, interpreted in so many ways. And its influence has gone way further outside of sports or even the fashion milieu. For example, I love those kids in Russia who tattoo Adidas stripes on themselves, or shave them out on their heads, or make those stripes into massive stickers, branding their cars” – Volkova said in an interview with French Vogue.

The stylist’s collection infused with post-Soviet aesthetics includes a tracksuit, a stretch skater dress and a swimming dress, always starting from the same piece: the style of the classic jogger. Volkova also discovered additional exciting elements in Adidas’s archive, including the heeled slides, which she brought back to life under the name Adilette. As to the reception of the collection, all we’d like to mention is Marc Jacobs’s reaction: “Heaven“.

Source: Vogue, Photos: Adidas

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