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Perfect “errorism”

Stock-taking in the kitchen – what should we cook? In the majority of the cases, my fridge only contains components that will for sure not make up a decent meal. You will never make a dinner out of mustard, red wine and eight-by-ten film. I did, however, get inspired by János Vachter’s kitchen counter/autopsy table.

Written by: László Sebestyén

The photos of János Vachter caught my eyes immediately. The sight of the basketball-sized pomegranate, the giant chicken leg and bell peppers raised to the heights of Duchamp scorched me, to stick to food terminology. The raw, inventory-like photographs deny beauty and the usual pursuit of perfection. They stand in front of us, proudly acknowledging their faults. They say: “yes, this is what I’m like, but you still love me.” Meat-lovers are touched at the sight of a pork chop or bacon, while vegetarians are over the moon by pomegranate and bell pepper when coming across the fancy pics on Instagram.

With his series made on X-ray film, Vachter was looking for the back side of the glittering world of gastronomy. Simplicity and elementality present an inventory looking for faults deliberately and magnifying them. Do we love it? No? It doesn’t matter, this is what they are like. Let’s accept their imperfection – we are no better either.

János Vachter | Instagram

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