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(English) Technology-based Letters

FiDU Technology has been developed by Oskar Zieta and his studio Zieta Prozessdesign since 2003. In short, it is a new innovative method of creating 3D objects from two-steel sheets welded around their edges. Pressure-formed objects are extremely durable, stable and ultralight, which gives the technology a wide range of type of use. Moreover, it allows the designer to have a lot of fun and experiment while using this technology as it is also very fast, easy and precise. Just look at this video showing the process of creating objects with FiDU tech.


And now FiDU technology meets a new challenge, namely typography. With Marian Misiak, an experienced typographer and graphic designer, Zieta Prozessdesign created typeface MARIA, first typeface fully designed according not only to principles of typography art but technology restrictions as well. Those restrictions put limitations in this project actually. And the coincidence in metal sheet deformation process, which plays an important role while experimenting with this technology, must have been developed into rules.

The question is about the purpose of MARIO, typeface based on FiDU technology. Should it be the widely used font or a decorative element of interiors?

No matter what, MARIO remains an extremely good example of possible cooperation between two seemingly distinct worlds. And a beautiful piece of art (or design).


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