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(English) Polish 2015 Calendar Collaboration

12 young Polish illustrators vs 12 months of the year!

Simply admire this beautiful mix of illustrations in the new 2015 calendar. The designers have tried to capture the feeling of every month using all means available. And that has given as unpredictable results as unpredictable the Polish weather is. They have decided to keep the pages of calendar in the old good black and white style, but encouraged all of the purchasers to embellish it on their own as well. They have written about their project:

Nothing prevents you from adding a splash or two of colour when marking your cousin’s birthday (or that dental appointment). You can even go all the way and let the colours spill over to the drawings themselves.


The calendar collaboration available for purchase at https://www.etsy.com/listing/214293218/illustrated-wall-calendar-12-polish

And let me introduce the illustrators themselves:

January – GOSIA STOLIŃSKA / HI.GOSZI / http://higoszi.com

February – KAROL BANACH / http://karolbanach.com

March – EMMA DAJSKA / http://emmadajska.tumblr.com

April – MONIKA GRUBIZNA / http://longmuzzle.com

May – MARIA DEK / http://mariadek.com

June – JOANNA GROCHOCKA (IDEYKA) / http://ideyka.blogspot.com

July – KATARZYNA BALICKA / http://hugstoli.tumblr.com

August – ADA JARZĘBOWSKA / http://adadenada.blogspot.com

September – MARTYNA WÓJCIK-ŚMIERSKA / http://martynawojcik.blogspot.com

October – AGATA KRÓLAK / http://agatakrolak.com

November – MARIA INES GUL / http://marjainez.com

December – JAN BAJTLIK / http://bajtlik.eu