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A call to ancient instincts | Landroom observatory

The tiny observatory built of rammed earth in the Negev desert, Israel awakens our ancient instinct of turning to the starry sky for guidance. 

Located in Negev desert in Israel, on the western side of the Mitzpe Ramon crater, the star observatory designed by Ben Gitai reaches back to ancient roots not only in terms of its concept, but its technique too. The walls of the structure of only 6 square meters were made of the soil of the crater.

“The compiled layers of earth contain natural minerals and their molecules only get stronger with time. Many sections of the Great Wall of China were built in this way” – added the designer, Ben Gitai in an interview with Dezeen.

The small structure blending in with its surroundings well functions as a shelter during the day and a star observatory during the night. It has space for two people only, therefore it is perfect for serene moments: one can get lost in admiring the landscape or the starry sky.

“Landroom is a call to our ancient instinct to look up to the stars for guidance” – adds Gitai, who was inspired by his new-born daughter Esther in designing the observatory, amongst others. The architect would like to teach his daughter the importance of spirit, creativity and freedom, and that she can find all this amongst the stars as soon as possible.

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