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A capsule could take us to the edge of space in the future | Spaceship Neptune

The process of our common treasures becoming available to wider and wider audiences is a trend that can be observed over the course of human history. Be it a result of television or the internet, the professionalism of the creative human mind has an undisputed role in it. Until now, only a few people had the chance to look down on our planet from space, but now it seems this could change in the future. A lot more people could reach the edge of space for example with the high-performance balloon of Spaceship Neptune.

Led by Nigel Goode and Paul Priestman, London-based design company Priestmangoode and American corporation Space Perspective are developing a space capsule capable of flying up to eight people to the edge of space, where only 20 people have been before. The adventure taking only six hours but lasting for a lifetime ends with a safe return home. The consciousness of the project is further shown by the fact that even though it is primarily an infrastructural investment, the vehicle will also make scientific observations during the flights that could facilitate the work of scientists. 

The first un-crewed test flights are planned to commence in the first half of 2021.

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