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Adobe’s Photoshop Camera app debuts with goofy filters

Owing to the technological innovations of the smartphone market, the filter craze is on full blast in the world of social media. This time, graphics software producer Adobe rolled out a new application serving this purpose.

It was quite self-evident that sooner or later Adobe would utilize their 38 years of experience in the form of an app for tablets of smartphones that can be used easily in everyday life, but no one suspected that they would also change their target audience. Yet this is exactly what happened: leaving the professional creative industry behind, the company decided to also incorporate the popular direction into its product palette. As it is accurately reflected by the promo video made for the launch:

The app running on both Android and iOS complements the technologies of facial recognition and face warping with functions already known by Photoshop users. We can now enjoy these in the app on a much simpler and faster user interface. At the same time, it’s also worth noting that this is pretty much Photoshop in name only: it does not come with all the opportunities offered by the original computer graphics program, as suggested by the letter C displayed in the emblem.

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