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Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda | Architectural compositions with a twist

Humorous and nice compositions, combined with minimalist architectural details: artist duo Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda create entertaining and surprising visual stories in a way differing from conventional and traditional architecture photography. Their special visual world is characterized by creativity, accuracy and fine aesthetics inspired by the urban environment, geometry and minimalism.

Here it comes.

Nothing is incidental in the photos of Anna and Daniel , they plan every single detail carefully: the location, the concept and even the clothes worn form an integral part of their visual world. Combining their love for geometry, perspective and story-telling, they create narratives that suggest the relationship between men and the urban environment.

Wall Disney

Daniel and I are both former architects, but we do not design buildings anymore, we do take portraits of them! Our goal is to bring architecture closer to the people one building at a time, using creativity and humor as an excuse to spread the passion architects feel for the cities they design. We do tell a story in every single image and although it may seem surprising, we do create these surreal scenes without the use of photo editing software. How? Starting always with a sketch and carefully setting the scene in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations and tons of natural light.

– explains Anna Devís.
Quarter to Red
Peek a book
Weight for it
Cyan-ce fiction
Digital Rain
Where to?
 Lightweight Jacket
Video credit: Kings&Kongs   

If you would like to know more about the creative process of Anna and Daniel and acquire a bit of their attitude, we recommend you the creativity course launched by the duo. The course is for photographers and creatives who would like to communicate their products in a unique manner on social media, or who simply would like to create a creative image gallery on Instagram.

The minimalist narratives of Anna and Daniel can also be purchased in the form of limited edition prints here

We are not the only ones fascinated by their art, as they have already worked with brands like DisneyCoca-ColaSwatch or LG.

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