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Art deco and zen simplicity | NOBU Warsaw

Since July this year, the high-end Japanese feeling can be experienced in the Polish capital, too: Poland’s first NOBU hotel opened, with quite notable design.

Nobu‘s story reaches back to the eighties, when Robert de Niro became a regular in Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa’s restaurant. A little later the chef of Nobu, the legendary actor and movie producer Meir Teper established the brand known as Nobu today. The latest member of the hotel and restaurant chain opened in Poland, in the heart of Warsaw.

The building chosen used to give home to a restaurant before World War I, too, under the name Rialto. Polish design studio De Novo kept the key elements of the original design in the hotel built in the early 20th century in Art Deco style, and complemented them with the zen simplicity so characteristic of Nobu. A new wing was also added to the old building, dominated completely by contemporary style – Polish Medusa Group and Californian PCH studio worked together on this one. 

In the 117 rooms and the common areas on 438 square meters, guests can see the works of prominent contemporary Polish artists including Anna Bimer, Piotr Uklañski or Mikolaj Moskal.

Source: LABEL Magazine

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