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Granola from a designer bowl | Ábel Lakatos x Hester’s Life

Now we can eat the country’s favorite granola out of a muesli bowl designed by one of our favorite ceramic artists: Hester’s Life and Ábel Lakatos debut the ceramics born out of their collaboration.

We’ve already known about Hester’s Life famous for their healthy, free-from-all granola that in addition to content, they also pay attention to design. This is further proven by the fact that they won the award for the best packaging at PAKK design competition in 2017. Even though the quality of their product will always remain the most important element, Eszter Porkoláb and Dávid Kráml will continue to place increased emphasis on design, too. After receiving various enquiries about how great it would be to eat breakfast from a customized, Hester’s muesli bowl, they decided to create a bowl matching the aesthetics of the products, and they invited ceramic artist Ábel Lakatos to collaborate in the project. Ábel gave us some insight into their collaboration. 

The first item of the Polli collection –  under the name Polyunomi at the time – was made in 2011. The cup and then later on the entire set was inspired by the exciting surface of unglazed porcelain, a clean Far Eastern object culture experienced at a Japanese art colony and the rudimentary low-poly graphics of the nineties’ video games. I strived for the objects to carry the artisan nature of traditional porcelain-making, but at the same time to keep them modern and functional. The first items of the set were added to the renowned contemporary collection of the International Ceramics Studio, an exhibition unique in Europe, and the first cup was awarded the special jury prize of the Drink This! Cup Show in 2014, and is in Lorton Arts Center in the United States. The idea of the colorful collection and expanding the collection with new elements conceived right before Hester’s contacted me, and so I was very happy that we could work together on developing a granola bowl.”

The design bowls were made by using colored noble porcelain and transparent pollutant-free glaze. In terms of shape and size, the product is completely unique, and was adjusted expressly to the granola portions of Hester’s Life by Ábel, with the help of Eszter and Dávid. “I was especially happy that I could work with a Hungarian company. Hester’s Life is a truly lively and youthful team who were very open to my ideas. “ – told us Ábel about their work together. And as to the question about eco-conscious creation, he responded:

I believe that the true alternatives of disposable things are objects that make their owners happy. We all remember the porcelains in grandma’s cabinets serving several generations. These are infused with the love of the family members using them and the atmosphere of the time spent together. I hope our great grandchildren will be just as happy to have breakfast from the Hester’s bowls as we are.“

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