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Mini house from a new angle | Diagonal Dwelling

NYDE studio combined the concept of pre-fabricated cabins with luxury in an astonishing form.

Here’s a new cabin running counter to the standards: the Diagonal Dwelling designed by Nicos Yiatros, a designer of NYDE goes way beyond boring prefab houses and puts the mini-house experience into a whole new perspective. 

The three-story building built in a 55 degree angle, originally designed for the Scottish mountains, was made with the aim of redefining existence in small houses. There are no traces of the feeling of being overcrowded or locked in on its three levels and two terraces (one of which comes with a heated pool). Not only the terraces, but the entire house comes with a panorama, owing to the giant glass windows, so the guests can enjoy the view from all points of the building.

The luxury equipment does not take away from eco-consciousness. Diagonal Dwelling is manufactured with a minimum carbon footprint, and once installed, it runs exclusively on solar panels.

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