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A renovated cabin, a lovely bell tent, cozy interiors, nature close at hand, and a freshly launched art residency program: Cabin & Canvas promises inspiring recharge sessions in the outskirts of Budapest, among the shaded groves of Zugliget. We’re talking about a family business in the best sense of the word: this is a joint creative project of art director and photographer Julian Hartley, architect and interior designer Györgyi Jánszky and their two daughters, Mira and Luna.

The area that now houses Cabin & Canvas used to give home to the camping grounds named Tündérhegyi or Feeberg Camping for many years. Julian and Györgyi renovated the wooden house on the plot, which survived from these times, and then built a cozy bell tent in the garden as an addition. They opened their doors to guests in November 2018.

“I love the feeling of being ‘on holiday’ right on the doorstep of the city. I can be on top of Erzsébet Lookout, looking at the hills on the horizon, and half an hour later be in a city cafe or bar,” Julian says.

This year, Julian and his family have also announced an art residency program, which awaits applications until April 31. “When we first conceived Cabin & Canvas, we wanted to encourage like-minded creative people to come and stay, relax, create, cook, read and explore at our place. The art residency program is a way to raise awareness amongst creatives. Our philosophy is inclusive—it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what kind of things you do. We’re curious to see what people create,” Julian tells us. If the first program proves to be a success, they would like to continue to offer two weeks of their schedule to artists and creative professionals who want to break free from the grind of daily life each year.

The interiors were born from a fusion of Julian’s and Györgyi’s styles. “My style is quite eclectic, I have a big weakness for old soda siphons and retro stuff, and as a graphic designer, I love that old typographic aesthetic. On the other hand, I would describe Györgyi’s style as modern and natural minimalist,” says Julian. The combined effect of vintage and contemporary elements and cool and warm shades makes the accommodation look minimalist yet extremely inviting and cozy.

“Everyone has left their mark on the interior—Györgyi, my partner, has paintings and sculptures in there, and on the walls, there are photographs and posters I designed. Our daughters leave behind sketches or watercolors, scribble on the kitchen chalk wall and bring in curiosities from the woods. We wanted to make a place that offered them a space to experiment creatively with different materials, and be outdoors,” highlights Julian.

They also want to provide their guests with a memorable opportunity for unrestrained, free creation, artistic work and outdoor adventures.

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