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Opening up to nature | ANNA cabin

The ANNA cabin’s first version was completed a few years ago, and has been a popular item ever since due to its versatility. The peculiarity of the small hut lies in the fact that by sliding the walls, the interior can be opened up to the surrounding nature in less than a minute.

Owing to the fully closed, fully open and half-open configurations, the cabin can fulfil the most diverse functions and can work well in many situations. It can be used as an outdoor office, a holiday retreat and a weekend house, but it also adapts well to changing weather conditions. When half-open, we can admire the surrounding environment through the glass wall of the interior. In addition to the central area functioning as a living room and a bedroom, the cabin also features a kitchen, a bathroom, built-in storage space and a mezzanine floor.

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Designer: Caspar Schols

Source: designboom

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