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Balanced constellations | Moon Moth lamp collection

For their latest collection, Polish brand Moon Moth turned to Japanese culture and contemporary minimalist aesthetics for inspiration.

The truly well-thought-out objects give off the vibe of balance in a way we don’t even recognize it. This is what the designers of the Tanjun collection of Moon Moth call hidden harmony, and this is what they strived for when designing the lamps of the collection. 

The lamps made of elements assembled in a puzzle-like manner are the joint creations of Polish designer Tomasz Kudelski and Japanese visual artist-designer Kaito Yamada. The brand is known for inviting an external, perhaps foreign designer to collaborate: this time they chose Kudelski and Yamada, who first met each other and became friends at the Maison et Objet of 2016. Both of them are big fans of geometric shapes and natural materials, and this harmony also shows on the items of Tanjun.

The collection features both Far Eastern and contemporary design trends. Even though the lamps are made of wooden and metal rods, they still give off a feeling of ease. 

In addition to the innovative collaborations, Moon Moth also builds on local traditions. The basic principle of the brand is that it only collaborates with Polish businesses. The wooden and metal works are assigned to local family businesses, while the glass works are done by Łużyce company established in 1872. This policy guarantees complete insight on production, and, thus, high quality, too. 

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