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Best of HYPE 2020

As a way of closing this anything-but-easy year blown apart by the pandemic, our team has compiled the shortlist of the Best of the Best articles released on HYPEANDHYPER this year featuring Hungarian projects. Check out the list and read your favorites again!

Object Fetish warm-up! – In pursuit of the coronavirus set

Orsi Gyöngy’s favorite: „Piroska Novák has made a complete design detective story out of a meme on Covid-19, starring a retro porcelain dinner service.”

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3D render: Róbert Farkas

“I want to tell stories of an old, true life” | Zsófia Mohos

Lili Farkas-Zentai’s favorite: “saving a world fading into oblivion for posterity: Zsófia Mohos talks about the everydays of the old ladies living in the old villages of Hungary through her beautiful photos, driven by her personal connection.”

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Photo: Zsófia Mohos

12 things you need to know about Design Center

Noémi Viski ‘s favorite: “it pulls us out of the dominance of the latest designer projects and takes us back to the past, to one of the most important events of Hungarian design history: the foundation of the Design Center. A brief, easy-to-read abstract of Kitti Mayer’s research conducted under a scholarship is a must-have for those interested in Hungarian design.”

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The exhibition hall and reception of the showroom in Gerlóczy utca (1980). Source: Design Center, archive.

Trip Vibes | Pilisborosjenő, Hungary

Réka Vikárius’s favorite: „not only the writing itself, but the visuality of the article is also very personal and sensitive. A tone like this makes it possible to connect with landscapes unknown or alien to us.”

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Kitti Mayer’s favorite: “the project it showcases breaks with everything we have thought about jewelry until now.Patrícia Harsány’s challenge is a vivid example of how an artist responds to the problems posed by the coronavirus.”

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We visited the OKISZ headquarters | Othernity

Nicolett Kovács’s favorite: „I love the mission of Contemporary Architecture Center’s Othernity project and our related articles related very much and my ultimate favorite is the piece on the OKISZ headquarters. Besides being a fan of the building, Kitti Mayer provides a comprehensive overview of the most exciting details while Balázs’s photos portray the beauty of brutalism vividly.

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Photo: Balázs Mohai

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