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Carbon dioxide could be put away in the ocean floor

The latest innovation of aquaculture startup Running Tide could open a new chapter in seaweed farming. No one has ever thought of sinking kelp infused with carbon dioxide to the bottom of the sea before – except for them. And why is it good for us?

Off the coast of Portland, Maine, aquaculture startup Running Tide primarily engaged in shellfish farming proposes to raise seaweed, in quite an extraordinary manner. It’s a known fact that seaweed – similarly to the forests on lands – plays a crucial role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions: the American company would increase the efficiency of kelp farms by sinking the kelp raised in the open ocean to the seafloor, thus sequestering the gas for centuries. At this point, the forestation taking place in order to slow down global warming does not seem like a sufficient solution: the oceans should also be put to use. 

Running Tide’s innovation could serve as a good alternative in extreme cases, for example in the case of the current fires in California, when all plants are destroyed on millions of hectares. The seriousness of the American startup’s project is proven by the fact that they also managed to earn the support of Shopify: the Canadian e-commerce company invests at least 5 million dollars each year in companies developing eco-conscious solutions – one of them is Running Tide this year, who have already started testing near the shore.

Source: fastcompany.com

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