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To be able to work efficiently, we primarily need a calm and balanced environment, an indispensable element of which is a good workstation. 

Providing the environment to office workers has been the task of companies and employers for long years. However, those returning after a long pause are not simply starting a new calendar year—they must also fulfil this task owing to the widespread home office setup. The desk and the workstation play a key role in working productively from one’s home—we must sacrifice a corner of the room on the altar of duty. Many people see this as a loss, but will be grateful once it comes to working. The crown jewel of a workstation is the computer, the environment of which—as we all have experienced—is often covered in accessories, notes, notepads and cups. It’s important that we uphold the clean desk policy not only in the office, but also in the case of our workstation at home, thus making sure we can concentrate on our tasks.

This time, we were looking for product designs called to life to solve problems like these, which could serve as an inspiration to keep our desks organized and to make our work environment comfortable. Here are five minimalist product designs from South Korea to the United Kingdom.

Duorest | Seoul, South Korea / Graz, Austria
rf visuals
un studios

Tenderete | Guadalajara, Mexico
Adolfo Navarro
Joshua Allen

Gemini | Chicago, USA
Angie Kim

Link | Dublin, Ireland
Evan Stuart

Podcam | United Kingdom
Joseph Burrell

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