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A poster says: “I’m available” – in other words, a print is an affordable work of art. We love to take our time when choosing the perfect poster, we consider several factors and think it over thoroughly, as it’s not just an everyday decorative element we choose to match the color of our wall. For a long time, posters meant reproductions, that is, the copy of something, which made us believe that we own the original (it’s enough to think about the “Women Carrying Faggot”, a frequent decoration of the homes of our parents). And of course there were times when getting one’s hands on a poster meant the ultimate thrill: we cherished the movie and concert posters acquired carefully or secretly taken for years. Posters are relics, memorabilia and are an authentic manifestation of the given era. What hasn’t changed a bit is the analogue nature of prints, even if they are printed digitally. The subject of our desire, with dimensions, which we consider art, which we want to possess. Here are our favorites from Barcelona to Detroit.

Poster Collection/Retro Brands/Videotape | Barcelona, Spain
Xavier Esclusa Trias

I love New York | Sydney, Australia
Nick Barclay

PosterLad 2020 series Month #3 | Prague, Czech Republic
Vratislav Pecka

Sonnet Posters | Detroit, Michigan, USA
Xtian Miller

Graphic Posters — Vol III | Bristol, United Kingdom
Harry Richards

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Our online store has officially launched! This time, HYPEANDHYPER would like to pay tribute to everyday heroes with an extraordinary poster series. We don’t forget those standing their ground in these challenging times even amidst the changed living conditions brought on by the coronavirus. This time, the limited edition posters focus on those working in health care, agriculture, public transport, on freight forwarders, shop assistants, couriers and manual workers – frontline fighters, to whom we would like to express our gratitude. The first campaign of our newly launched online store is about them! 

By purchasing the limited edition posters, you can support the work of the Hungarian National Ambulance Service. Come and join us!

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