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Czech design in the Costa Rican jungle_03

Architect studio Archwerk created a fairytale landscape in the Playa Hermosa jungle between two luxury villas. Czech design in the Costa Rican jungle, third episode.

After the two monolithic luxury villas of Art Villas Resort, the third unit of the complex strikes as a surprise. The mini village consisting of the huts of architect studio Archwerk named CoCo hides in the hillside behind the splendid buildings of Atelier Villa and Art Villa.

Martin Kloda and Hana Procházková, the Czech architects forming Archwerk designed five dome-like huts (CoCo) on the area next to which a pavilion outfitted with an exciting roof structure was built with the help of architect Martin A. Tomas. The latter goes under the name Wing and functions as a community space amongst the private luxury tents.

The interior design was created by Dagmar Stěpánová leading Formafatal in this case, too. The designer thought of the project as designing a comfortable birds’ nest, and made the huts and their terraces the perfect place for relaxation with beanbag chairs, hammocks and outdoor tubs. 

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