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Geometric swimming pool | Enota

The easiest way to describe the oeuvre of Ljubljana-based studio Enota is the blending of architecture and the landscape. This time, we present you the swimming pool designed for Terme Olimia Spa water park, with a roof resembling the forms and shapes of the surrounding landscape.

Named Termalija Family Wellness, the new built-in swimming pool designed by studio Enota came into being as the latest in a series of developments at the water park. The aim of the facility is to connect with the surrounding natural landscape and to recall the architectural solutions characteristic of the countryside, building on local traditions.

The characteristic roof placed above the water surface received a tetrahedral design, composed of several segments. It is clad in wood on the inside, with roof openings providing natural light near the pool. The special geometric shape requires a minimal frame, and so it further enhances the feeling of light and openness. 

The pool is surrounded by statuesque concrete beds suitable for planting flowers, creating a space with the feel of an open, outdoor area during summer and a closed area during winter. As the studio added: “Despite its size and the space it occupies, the new roof simply acts as a big summertime sunshade and does not usurp the precious exterior space.”

Photography: Miran Kambič

Source: Dezeen

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