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Georgian culinary journey | YOD Group

The meeting of clay and wood with traditional Georgian cuisine: the interior of the restaurant designed by Ukrainian architecture studio YOD Group is not only breathtaking in its design, but also invites guests on a true culinary journey.

Restaurant Puri Chveni is located in the heart of Kharkiv, in a building erected in the early 20th century. To preserve the atmosphere of old Kharkiv, the architects kept the outer walls and the façade and also used the original wooden doors, but the interior structure of the building underwent a complete transformation.

The name of the restaurant means „our bread”, which captures the interior design’s concept, too. In this spirit, the soul of the restaurant (the kitchen) and its different parts are also visible to the guests. Looking at the open kitchen, we can see the khinkali, this spicy ground meat wrapped into dough, or the khachapuri, the famous Georgian cheesy bread in the making. The atmosphere of Georgian cuisine is further accentuated by tandoors, these rounded mud stoves used for baking bread and cooking meat—Puri Chveni is like going on a culinary excursion in Georgian culture.

In addition to the traditional kitchen elements, the restaurant is also furnished with decorative objects like a hand-crafted macramé lace with Borjgali, an ancient Georgian symbol in its center, or a wooden board with hundreds of stones in it, copied from an ancient artifact. Such boards with stone blades were used by Georgians to thresh grain thousands of years ago.

Photos: Andrey Bezuglov

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Source: ArchDaily

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