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Highlights of Hungary 2020 | Dávid Marsalkó

Dávid Marsalkó, the founder of multiple Fonogram award-winner hip hop band Halott Pénz will bring projects from Pécs, the importance of taking social responsibility and the spirit of sustainability into this year’s Highlights of Hungary through his nominees.

Halott Pénz usually fills all his time – Dávid’s past 8-9 years were almost solely about the band. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, however, the 2020 concert season was cancelled and so he felt it was time to focus on something else for a while. Even though he has already been invited in previous years, he could only take on the ambassador role in 2020. On top of that, his good friend Ákos Takács is also a member of the Highlights team, which further motivated him to take the ambassador role.

“I mainly nominate music-related projects with a kind of value-adding attitude. Without telling you anything specific, projects where a community-building thought manifests in the music or through which disadvantaged people can be supported are close to my heart. Being born and raised in Pécs, I place particular emphasis on the Southern Transdanubian region and the countryside. On the one hand, this also rhymes with the aspirations of Highlights, while on the other hand it is also important to me to represent stories beyond Budapest, to highlight that there is life and many exciting opportunities around here, too” – Dávid Marsalkó said when asked about the topics and fields he will represent in this year’s team.

And to the question of how do his values rhyme with those of Highlights, Dávid explained: over the past years, he sought to take part in the world’s important movements in one way or another. He hasn’t bought plastic bags or industrial meat for a long time – or any kind of meat for the most part –, he looks for local producers and likes to travel within the country: in brief he is looking for a balance in consumer society. In this sense, the same as Highlights, Dávid also tries to inspire those that are interested in him either in his private life or on the stage.

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