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Hungarian-developed Tiny House can even be installed in the middle of the forest

If you wish to lodge near pristine spots in nature, but are looking for more comfortable accommodation options than camping in tents, we have good news: a promising Hungarian initiative has been launched for small size mobile houses that can also be installed in remote areas. The Tiny House units don’t need a building permit, can travel on the road, are easy to tow and can also be used without a connection to public utilities.

Construction entrepreneur Norbert Izrael has tried his hand at various fields ranging from building systems to industrial forestation, and he also spent years rebuilding and repairing motor homes. Putting his vast experience to use, he started the POP Tiny House project in 2019 and the final version of Tiny House fit for mass production has been completed already in 2020.

The houses can be connected to public utilities if needed, but they also come in an off-grid version. These only need to be fastened on the spot after towing and parking, allowing users to install them practically anywhere, even right in the middle of a forest. The off-grid versions can be operated with a replaceable battery, a water and sewage tank and a replaceable gas cylinder.

“Waking up in the middle of the woods, with no one else around me, with a view to nature only, at a place where I can quiet down: this is the feeling I seek to give to as many people as possible,” says Norbert Izrael, the mind behind the project, about his motivation for designing mobile houses.

The house is built on a massive steel frame and clad in wood from both inside and out: this is what makes it fit into nature perfectly and what makes its interior cozy at the same time. The houses are two and a half meters wide, and come with a length of up to nine meters depending on their type and the user’s needs. Even though they have limited floor space, with the kitchen, bathroom, double bed and built-in furniture, the house satisfied all needs.

Norbert’s project encompasses the design and manufacturing of mobile houses as well as the establishment of an accommodation network. This means that not only those actually purchasing the mobile houses will get to enjoy the opportunities provided by the Tiny House, but also those who’d only love to try them out for a few days. They will soon install houses for rent on various spots across the country. Moreover, accommodation providers now also have a chance to invest in a house thus making it possible to establish a country-wide network of mobile houses.

And where can you expect the mobile houses to pop up?

“We plan to install our houses near tourist nodes. Over the past years, we looked at where these touristic »hot spots« are located. These include, for example, Lake Balaton, the Őrség, the Alpokalja region and many other places close to nature that are within a 1.5-hour drive from Budapest. We also plan to install mobile houses for rent near the Danube Bend, the Mátra Mountains and other riverside spots. Potential future partners that are working in the field of tourism and would like to integrate these services into their portfolio are contacting us from all over the country,” Norbert said.

The off-grid versions start at EUR 40,000 exclusive of VAT (approx. HUF 14.5 million), and they also plan to expand their selection with other types in the future. “If our production capacity can catch up with itself, we plan to broaden our product palette, but most probably this will only take place in 2022,“ Norbert added.

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