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In the magical landscapes of Poland | Słowiński National Park

The second stop of our series presenting the iconic landscapes of Poland guides us to the shores of the Baltic Sea. A special feature of the Słowiński National Park is the region of wandering sand dunes in a vast area just like in romantic movies, which in some places covers long-lost forests and is home to many special animal species.

In the Słowiński National Park, in addition to the coastal dunes, which are often reminiscent of the Sahara, you can also find pine forests typical of coastal areas and swamp flora covering peat bogs, as well as the flora of lakes.

The park is home to many water and wading birds, as well as white-tailed eagles, eagle owls, giant cormorants and black storks.

The National Park has also been added to the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves (MaB), which is no wonder, as the aquatic and desert wildlife create a special and vulnerable balance. We also recommend occasional and veteran hikers to visit the venue, where a cinematic sight and atmosphere are guaranteed.

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