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Wall paintings from Poland

Surreal situations, uniquely abstract human figures and visually formulated messages in the abandoned urban spaces of Poland. We asked graphic designer Marcin Mokierów-Czołowski about his characteristic murals.

Marcin studied graphic design and visual communication at the University of Arts in Poznan. He is a multidisciplinary designer, with projects ranging from visual identity designs, illustrations, motion design projects and wall paintings.

“I created my first graffiti at the age of 12, and I started to dive deep into graphic design a few years later. I experimented with several fields during my studies, from branding through web design, typography, lithography, photography and illustration. I think illustration is related to every field, and as such it offers endless opportunities. I returned to wall painting a few years ago, in a new and more mature style”  – said Marcin.

The process of creating a mural is like celebration to him, starting from choosing the location, the walls and the color palette. He always adjusts the visual world of his works to the location selected, which many times is an abandoned and unusual building. “Compared to my regular work, creating wall paintings is unpredictable, fresh and wild” – he added.

Then he continued: “Painting walls in public spaces can be exciting from several aspects: they reach a broader audience than illustrations published in a magazine or online and can interact with a diversity of people. To that end, I think the greatest challenge in creating a mural is to raise the attention of those passing by and to trigger different feelings in the observants – to cheer them up, to influence their imagination and to help them become part of my world.”

His works portray figures in sometimes funny, sometimes thought-provoking situations, many times infused with some sort of message. A central human figure is displayed on his murals as a recurring, cohesive element. He prefers to emphasize his compositions with thick contours, clean shapes or on the contrary – depending on the atmosphere and type of the given place –  with random and overcrowded elements. His main sources of inspiration include urban spaces, the careers of certain artists and music, amongst others.

Marcin’s murals can be seen in several Polish cities, including Poznan, Warsaw or Szczecin. Due to their temporary or transient nature, some of them have been destroyed or replaced by new ones since then. Marcin plans to create new murals in the near future, this time focusing on more serious matters, such as finding our own inner harmony and developing ourselves.

Follow Marcin’s characteristic projects on his Instagram page!

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