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HYPE visited Off-Mustra

Luckily the coronavirus didn’t wipe our entire calendars clean, and some events managed to survive. Even though whether any “usual” larger Hello Wood events would be held this year was doubtful for quite a long time, finally Off-Mustra was indeed held in the villages serving as the venue of Művészetek Völgye art festival.

HYPEANDHYPER’s team owes a lot of lovely memories to Kapolcs and its area, and I think – except for a Christmas party at Lőrinc pap tér – this is where we first met the team of Hello Wood, to whom we owe a lot of things, too.

This year’s Off-Mustra was held at Vigántpetend, Kapolcs, Taliándörögd and of course Hello Wood’s rural headquarters, Csóromfölde, and the task was to design community installations.

The nearly 100-person event (including the eight teams) took place in the usual free and creative atmosphere, which we also experienced when we were there. In the last days, all participants visited every location, installation and building, and closed the week spent together with a farewell party.

We shot a brief video about these seven fantastic days, so that you also get a chance to see the Off-Mustra in 2020:

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