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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

This week, we’ll visit a few virtual apartment galleries, we will review the present and future of offices with Gary Hustwit, will take a look around in the online store of wonderLAB, will support Hungarian design and we’ll make a faux leather bag ourselves. In the meantime, a special virtual design festival has also started, and the opening event of this year’s OFF Biennial wasn’t cancelled fully either, it takes up a completely different shape instead… Let’s see the details!

Gary Hustwit Workplace – online!

This week’s Hustwit documentary, Workplace (2016) focuses on the office work environment, and presents what a complex task carrying out a design process built on a complicated design research is. In the film, Hustwit follows one of the projects of Sir Norman Foster’s design studio from early brainstorming to implementation, while Nikil Saval guides us through the history of offices and the main design historical milestones of the same. The movie is available until Tuesday online!

When: until April 21, 2020

Where: online

Homo Phis – Sziklak Gallery

Alternative jewelry line, multitaskitis disease and luxury designer lamp inspired by the coronavirus – Homo Phis, Sziklak gallery’s new exhibition is open now! The virtual exhibition is the project of Gáspár Iszlai, Ádám Miklós and Szabolcs Vatány, who have turned the challenges of isolation into creative energy, modeled the apartment and asked young creatives to express their lockdown-feelings in a virtual work of art. The pieces are honest (and humorous) reflections of our current situation. Background music and a “lovely female voice” welcomes and guides us through the digital apartment gallery. It’s worth checking in, as they say: VR the world VR the children!

Where: online (HU/EN)

More info: HERE

Dezeen Virtual Design Festival

Dezeen Virtual Design Festival has started, with a hell of an opening video montage, in which 35 architects and designers share their thoughts on the global situation and their everydays. The video reveals that some people deal with challenges more easily while others have more trouble tackling these, but everyone is hopeful, and the majority of them thinks that rethinking the role of designers is becoming extremely important now. This week, in the framework of the festival, Lisbon-based MAAT  (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) will post a documentary in relation to their current exhibition, we will celebrate Earth Day with interviews with architects and designer Ron Arad will present some of his works.

When: between April 15 – June 20, 2020

Where: online

More info: website

Faux leather sewing workshop online

We didn’t put workshops on hold, either: a faux leather sewing workshop will launch on Friday, organized by ÚjBudai Varrótanfolyam . The organizers will send the materials and tools necessary via courier service to participants’ homes, all you have to do is make sure you have good internet connection and a sewing machine.

When: April 24, 2020 15:00-20:00

Where: online

More info: Event

OFF-Biennial Budapest: Dystopia/Utopia party and fundraiser

This year’s OFF-Biennial Budapest had to postpone its spring events, however, they stick by their original objectives, therefore, the organizers prepared an extraordinary program, an online party for the day of the planned opening. Bálint Gosheven Szabó, Ábris Gryllus, Lőrinc Borsos and Gábor Lázár will perform on the party, streamed live. The aim of the evening is to let us blow off some steam amidst COVID-19, start considering the possibilities of change and start focusing on the truly important matters together. The party is an opening day of a fundraising campaign at the same time: with the help of PAD Foundation participating in the third edition of OFF, a three-week intensive fundraiser is started for a countryside slum hit hard by the epidemic, and the attendants of the party can support this cause by purchasing the symbolic ticket of the event.

When: April 24, 2020, 20:00-0:00

Where: online

More info: Event

 acb gallery – online exhibition

The new online exhibition of acb gallery, “The hands that make the world go round even in times of quarantine” is available virtually in an apartment that is otherwise not accessible to visitors. Several of the selected works of art work with the hand motif and although the group exhibition also features works that were made years or decades ago, their message is relevant in the current global situation, too. The exhibition is available in the virtual space, with accompanying descriptions, and a pdf document with large photos also help you comprehend the materials.

Where: online

wonderLAB online store

The motto of WonderLAB holding together Hungarian designers as a community is: “it’s easier together”. The designer incubator stands by the designers in these extraordinary times, too, so they transitioned their shop to the online realms. You can find the works of many Hungarian designers on the online store: clothes, jewelry, accessories, graphics and even dog collars.

Where: online

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