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#stayhomecreative | Home canteen

“Eating is the best thing to do in the world”. Even if not everyone can agree with this, it’s without a doubt that creating and consuming meals have become an important source of pleasure in these “quarantine times”. Thousands of latent kitchen goddesses and creative housewives share the culinary delights prepared by them on Facebook, this way helping each other answer the great question of: “What should we eat today?”

In the latest part of our #stayhomecreative series, we invite the readers to the dining table of creatives where fruity oatmeal and Vietnamese summer rolls don’t mind being next to each other.

Tamara Bella | Instagram

Barbi Bernát (Halisten Studio) | Instagram

Bori Kiss (Tollfirka) | Instagram

Mimma Nosek | Instagram

Kata Moravszki | Instagram

Bence Musinszky | Instagram

Zsófia Perger (Perger Design) | Instagram

Réka Pintér (Taste a) | Instagram

Zsófi Szabó (Zsofi Szabo Design) | Instagram

Dorottya Szert-Szabó | Instagram

Máté Szigeti | Instagram

Anna Tőkés | Instagram

Barbara Treszner | Instagram

Ramóna Udvardi | Instagram

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#stayhomecreative | Urban places

In our #stayhomecreative mini series, we asked creators whose work we keep an eye on and whom you should follow, too!

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