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HYPE | Weekly program guide

The next few days come with exhibition openings (partly because Budapest Photo Festival is still on), and the weekend will be all about contemporary galleries. In addition, we also picked out some programs related to fashion, and we didn’t forget Women’s Day, either. Let’s see the details!

Bilak Krystyna: KOMPLEMENT I Overview #3

The exhibition of Bilak Krystyna will open on Monday evening at ISBN books+gallery. Bilak Krystyna graduated from the faculty of photography of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2019. Her thesis project, the photo series titled “Komplement” examined the sign system of the perspective controlled by photography and the interpretation mechanism of the same. The human body is also displayed on the images as a reference point, while the creator manually “manipulates” the sight. The exhibition is organized in the framework of the talent management project of Studio of Young Photographers titled Overview. 

When: March 2, 2020, 19:00-22:00

Where: ISBN book+gallery

More info: Event

Transylvania Retouched – A Matter of Landscape and Representation

The exhibition of Studio of Young Artists’ Association opening on Tuesday evening addresses the picturesqueness of the land in Transylvania and the critical examination of its romantic portrayals. “Can the process during which landscape art eliminated its own legibility be decrypted? What ideas, traumas and desires are condensed into the representation of the land?” The Romanian and Hungarian artists featured at the group exhibition reflect on the traditionally romantic interpretations of landscapes with the help of different media (e.g.: painting, photography, documentation of natural art actions, performance art and docu-fiction).

When: March 3, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Where: Studio of Young Artists’ Association

More info: Event

Fashion history exhibitions in the museum | The interpretation of fashion

The number of events focusing on fashion history has multiplied in the recent past: an exciting talk was held previous week, too, and we won’t be left without a fashion history program this week, either. This time, at the discussion of the Hungarian National Museum on Thursday, we can get to know the perspective of institutions: the speakers invited (art historian Ildikó Simonovics, fashion historian Judit Anna Szatmári, cultural researcher Anna Keszeg and literature historian Veronika Hermann) will talk about the process of organizing an exhibition on fashion history and how it can be conveyed to visitors. 

When: March 5, 2020, 14:00-15:30

Where:  Hungarian National Museum Pollack room

More info: Event

TEDxBudapestSalon – Design Your Future

The theory of  design thinking goes all the way back to the ‘60s: the idea of developing design methodologies came to light in these years first, which contributed greatly to design holding its own as an independent discipline. Since then, other fields have also noticed the 5-step method of design thinking (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test), and the business world has also incorporated it into its way of thinking. At the TEDx talk on Thursday, the invited speakers will share their thoughts and experiences about the creative application of design thinking.

When: March 5, 2020, 16:00-20:30

Where: BMC – Budapest Music Center

More info: Event

Women’s Day at Clique Design Studio!

 Clique Design Studio  will offer a glass of champagne and fantastic discounts in the spirit of Women’s Day, so we will warm down our week there, for sure. We recommend the same to you, too: if you only want to recharge in window-shopper mode and get inspired amongst the Hungarian designer pieces, and also if you would like to freshen up your wardrobe with new clothes and accessories. Alma AbonyiDELACIERZolyomi Laura made in hungarySaint Aurora and many other brands will offer extra discounts on this day!

When: March 6, 2020, 13:00-20:00

Where: Clique Design Studio

More info: Event

Tupperware Now and Then

The group exhibition of MyMuseum will open on Friday evening, which puts the contradiction between overproduction resulting in natural disasters and the production of new products made in the spirit of sustainability in the focus. The artists showcasing their works (Ervin Békési, Dóri Lázár and Kristóf Murányi) examine the relationship of people to objects from this perspective. The exhibition forms part of Gallery Weekend Budapest and Budapest Photo Festival.

When: March 6, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Where: MyMuseum

More info: Event

Gallery Weekend Budapest

This year, we are welcoming spring with the programs of Gallery Weekend Budapest once again. On March 7-8, everything will be about contemporary galleries: not only does this mean that the institutions participating in the program (the leading galleries of Budapest) will be open on Saturday and Sunday, too, but we can also expect special programs, guided tours held by curators and artists and talks during these days. This year, 13 galleries participate in the program, including acb GalleryGlassyard GalleryMolnár Ani GalleryVárfok GalleryVintage Gallery and many others. In addition to the exhibitions and guided tours, a pop-up exhibition focusing on paper-based contemporary works will also be organized by Société Budapest .

When: March 7, 2020, 12:00 – March 8, 18:00

Where: Gallery Weekend Budapest

More info: Event

Shine! X Dóra Abodi | Exclusive guided tour

The temporary exhibition of Kiscelli Múzeum titled Shine! Fashion and Glamour will soon come to an end (on March 15), so you can still go and see it in the next two weeks if you haven’t already, but you planned on doing it. What could be a better occasion to do this than the exclusive guided tour by Dóra Abodi? On Sunday afternoon, the designer will walk you through the exhibition that aims to present how and why glittering got an important role in the garments of different eras and social layers. 

When: March 8, 2020, 16:00-17:30

Where: Kiscelli Museum

More info: Event

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