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Back to nature, through the city | SUP Budapest x Alma Vetlényi

Fashion designer Alma Vetlényi and the SUP Budapest community launched their first T-shirt collection in the spirit of sustainability, inspired by sports and water, of course.

The same as there is no silence without noise, as urban people, we can only experience nature truly through the city. The first pieces of the SUP Budapest clothing collection were inspired by this basic idea. The Hungarian SUP community invited Alma Vetlényi to design the T-shirts, a fashion designer who always lays a great emphasis on sustainable and eco-conscious design in her collections.

The sleeveless and short-sleeved tops called CITY and NATURE are made of 100% natural breathable fabrics. The tees are designed with soft, undulating lines, the same as the Danube serving as their source of inspiration. The patterns feature the various attributes of SUP touring. 

With this continuously expanding collection, the aim is not to make new T-shirts that are only used for sleeping, or poor quality promotional materials that will end up in the dumpster soon. Their aim is rather for the buyers to wear them proudly as a symbol of sustainability and eco-consciousness, and to make them feel that the clothes were made consciously, with love and careful consideration. The tees convey the feeling of returning to nature and the appreciation of the same with their materials, shape and design, too.

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