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HYPE | Weekly program guide

As soon as the good weather kicks in, we start to feel that we are ready for a wardrobe touch up, and we are also more susceptible to fashion inspirations, too. Budapest also sensed this somehow, as the next few days offer some very fine fashion programs. However, the second week of March does not only favor fashionistas: an exhibition opening, workshop events, a smART!XTRA talk and a comics discussion also made their way into our current selection. Let’s see the details!

wonderLAB Birthday

Music, champagne and designer pieces – wonderLAB allures us to their 8th birthday with these, and we cannot and would not resist the invitation. WonderLAB is a community and store consisting of more than thirty young Hungarian designers, with the purpose of making Hungarian designers known by the most people possible. On this special day, they even prepare an extra surprise: several former member designers, including Soie EssentielleZSOFI HIDASINISE Design and many others will return to present their products with the current team.

When: March 10, 2020, 16:00-22:00

Where: wonderLAB

More info: Event

Trendmuse FashionClub – Fashion talks

Textile designers and fashion history fans, this one goes out to you! Trendmuse Agency creative agency and trend office announces a series of talks: the largest fashion houses and international fashion exhibitions will be in focus at the evenings organized at Clique Design Studio.  On Tuesday evening, you can learn about the revolutionary work of Yves Saint Laurent, and then Szilvia Horváth will talk about the exhibition organized in Palais Galliera in 2019 titled Back Side / Fashion from Behind. The peculiarity of the exhibition is that it put the back of the clothes showcased (may it be from the 18th century or a contemporary piece) in focus. The talks will be continued on Thursday, when participants can learn about the life and inspiration of Christian Dior as well as the iconic dresses of the brand, but the history of French haute couture and the brand’s modern image will not be left out either.

When: March 10, 2020, 17:00 – March 12, 20:30

Where: Clique Design Studio

More info: Event

Comic book discussions #11 – Comics without dialogues

The program series of Comics Library works just like a book club, but with comics in the focus. The library opened in December 2018 in Nem adom fel café, and the topic of the monthly discussions are chosen by the participants of the previous event. At the meetup on Tuesday, comics without dialogues will be on the table: newcomers and comic book gurus are both welcome. Those interested should flip through the recommended readings before the discussion.

When: March 10, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Where: Képregénykönyvtár – Comics Library

More info: Event

The great vitrin takeover project by Société Budapest #3

The third exhibition of the competition announced by Société Budapest for young curators will open Thursday evening. Matereality is a duo exhibition, where visitors can see the concrete experiments of Emese Orbán based on surprising combination of materials and the porcelain objects of Viktória Maróti made with weaving technique. The aim of the exhibition is to eliminate conventions about concrete, textile or porcelain, and to allow us to discover the possibilities offered by the application of materials.

When: March 12, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Where: Société Budapest

More info: Event

SMARTketing // smART! XTRA

On the latest event of the smART! XTRA series presenting the relationship between technology and art, we approach the topic from the world of social media communication and advertising. “How do companies use technological developments in their online and offline communication surfaces? How do creative agencies incorporate the digital projects connecting contemporary design and the different media into their up-to-date branding strategies?” On Thursday evening, we will talk about these issues, amongst others, at the event organized by Let_it_Be art agency with the creative team of Mito, creative technologist Eduárd Sik, and art historian-aesthete Mónika Zsikla. We will talk about JCDecaux’s campaign showcasing contemporary pieces in the form of advertising billboards, festival chatbots, the sound analysis software of Wagner days and the design process of its dynamic image.

When: March 12, 2020, 19:00-21:00

Where: Trafó House

More info: Event

Contemporary meetings at the workshops of AQB │ CCA Open

We will target the workshops of art quarter budapest on Friday afternoon with art historian János Schneller, organized by Resident Art Budapest and Contemporary Collectors’ Academy. You can get to know artists as well as their work methods and works a little closer at the regularly announced guided tours. This time, we will get an insight into the creative spaces of Kitti GosztolaPéter Tamás Halász and Kristóf Szabó , and we will also check out the Wittgenstein international group exhibition now showcased at AQB Project Space.

When: March 13, 2020, 16:00-18:00

Where: art quarter budapest

More info: Event

Spring-summer pre-order

We will close the working week at the debut event of Anna Daubner’s latest SS’20 collection. Aerial elegance and playful boldness – this is how Anna Daubner describes her own brand, and we are very curious with what choice of material, color and design this year’s collection will stand behind this idea. You will be the first ones to try on the pieces of the new collection Friday evening, and if you decide to kick off your spring wardrobe touch up with an Anna Daubner piece, you will be able to preorder your favorites with 10% discount at the show.

When: March 13, 2020, 17:00-21:00

Where: Margot Budapest

More info: Event

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