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Lighting constellations | Bomma

Aesthetics and lightness evoking astrology: Czech brand Bomma brings lighting technology to the next level.

The products of Bomma lamp manufactory operating since 2012 are characterized by combining traditional glass-making and innovative technologies. Each and every Bomma product comes with a remarkable design, finish and quality, and the lamps are also spectacular as a individual elements, but result in an even more dominant look when grouped together. Bomma Constellation allowing us to combine several Bomma lamps was inspired by this idea exactly: “Project your unique vision into space and create your own Bomma constellation” – says the website of the brand.

We can choose from the pieces of three collections, the Lens, the Soap Mini and Dark and Bright Star lamps to create our own constellations.


As already suggested by its name, the design of the lamp recalls the operation of optical lenses, and it was designed by the members of the likewise Prague-based studio deFORM. The light source is encapsulated by a transparent crystal on one side, and by a hand-painted element on the other – resulting in a play and harmony between reflections and lights. As the body is hand-painted, the colors of the Lens collection can be customized to our needs to the fullest extent.


The irregular shape, transparency and shade of the lamp designed by designer Ota Svoboda are inspired by the world of bubbles: the glass becomes transparent from iridescent when exposed to light.  The Soap Mini is hand-blown, making each and every piece unique both in terms of shape and tone.


The special collection designed by DECHEM studio was inspired by constellations. The pieces are made of a mouth-blown glass shade and a light source placed in its middle, are available in white and dark shades and can be combined with each other freely.

If you’d like to explore Bomma’s additional exciting, simple yet impressive glass lamp collections, go and visit the website of the brand!

Source, images: Bomma

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