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Loyal Wingman I Boeing

The same as every major technological development, unmanned aircrafts are also brought to us by military innovation. Unfortunately (or thank God), Uber sending a flying robot taxi for us to a landing point established on the roof of a tenement house in Budapest is still a couple of years ahead of us. The technology itself, however, develops at a rapid rate apparently, also proven by the fact that Boeing and its Australian partner debuted the military assistant Loyal Wingman last week, designed to work as a smart team with the existing F-35 combat aircraft. 

The essence of the system is to strengthen man-controlled land and air units by operating a complex IT network with the help of artificial intelligence. Development, design and production took place in Australia, making it the most significant technological project of the past decades on the southern hemisphere. The project might also play a dominant role in later civilian unmanned aviation or the development of Skynet.

Boeing – Loyal Wingman
Boeing – Loyal Wingman
Boeing – Loyal Wingman

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