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Past in the present | Farmer Gobelin collection out now by Earth’N’More

Earth’N’More’s capsule collection sneaks soon-to-be-vanished crafts back into fashion. In the spirit of recycling,the originators of the concept, Fanny Fazekas and Bence Kondor, spiced up vintage denim jackets with old Gobelins that used to hang on walls.

“Back when I was a child, my grandmother was always working on gobelins“ – shares Fanny Fazekas about the background of the denim gobelin capsule collection“Our flat is full of such tapestries to this day, my mom and my grandma have been pursuing this kind of crafts passionately for decades“ – and most probably they are not alone. 

Fanny and Bence, the founders of the Earth’N’More blog contribute to protecting our environment on a daily basis, and created their first collection in the very same spirit. They applied the old tapestries that used to hang on walls on good quality vintage denim jackets, thus creating unique and unrepeatable pieces. As the manufacturing of denim poses a particular threat to the environment, with this they found a great way to contribute to the circle of fashion.

“We purchased every jacket in our first collection in secondhand stores, because we believe the most sustainable piece of clothing in 2020 is the piece that was never made, while the second most sustainable is the one that has already been made and can’t wait to be worn and loved by someone.

Photos: Bence Kondor

Source: Earth’N’More

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