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Pura-Case | sanitization with ozone

Viruses and bacteria can survive for long periods on our clothes, too. And now due to Covid-19, we need to pay even more attention to hygiene. This is where the new, wardrobe-sized and completely futuristic structure using ozone to purify our clothes comes into the picture.

The Italian Carlo Ratti Associati studio developed a concept for a battery-powered purifier suitable to be placed into wardrobes that can remove 98% of viruses and bacteria from our clothes within just an hour. The designers recommend the portable Pura-Case made of recycled materials to be used primarily in places where a lot of people come and go – offices, restaurants and the like, but of course it can function well in households, too.

The coronavirus epidemic completely changes our ideas and habits related to hygiene. And how does it change households? (you can read our related articles HERE  – the Ed.). The Pura-Case can offer a viable alternative in this “new normal”  – it sanitizes clothes using the power of ozone, while it reduces the need for unnecessary washing, and, thus, it also keeps our water consumption at bay.

The structure containing up to four hangers can be sealed with an air-tight zipper. The purification process can also be started and controlled remotely through the Pura-Case mobile app. The ozone, which can be harmful to be exposed to, is reduced to oxygen through a natural decay process, making the case safe to open once the purification process is completed.

The prototype of Pura-Case commissioned by Scribit has been manufactured at the startup’s factory in Turin. The product’s Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon, and if crowdfunding is successful, the Pura-Case could be placed into production in the near future.

Source: dezeen

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