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The Rubik’s Cube of 2021 | Wowcube

The iconic cube was redesigned based on the ideas of a 13-year-old YouTuber, resulting in an innovative and interactive game. 

13-year-old YouTuber Savva Osipov pitched his idea of combining the Rubik’s Cube with video games to his father. Entrepreneur Ilya Osipov was instantly captivated by the idea, which soon resulted in a tangible object.

The essence of the hypermodern Rubik’s Cube is that instead of the traditional colored stickers, it comes with microdisplays built into each of the cube’s 24 square-shaped segments. The different sides can be moved around just like in the case of the original, while when paired up with a phone, the cube doubles as a smart device. 

Source: YankoDesign

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