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Eco-conscious and transparent | noo.ma

Flat-packed furniture in plastic-free packaging: quality raw materials meet complete transparency in the furniture of eco-friendly Polish brand noo.ma.

The noo.ma brand was established by Damian Goliński and Cyprian Bieniarz in 2017, in the spirit of sustainability. One of the brand’s core values is transparency towards consumers: looking for the perfect piece of furniture, noo.ma’s website offers full insight into their pricing and the details of the manufacturing processes.

“Our breakthrough approach lies in a super-easy assembly systems, bold, future-oriented sustainability & transparent, reasonable price points,” reads noo.ma’s introduction on their website.

In addition to transparency, they also place a great emphasis on eco-consciousness: their furniture items are mainly made of recycled materials and are shipped flat-packed, in a plastic-free packaging. Their raw materials are provided by European suppliers and the furniture pieces are manufactured locally in Poland, by paying particular attention to local artisan traditions. 

One can find a wide variety of furniture items and accessories in their repertoire, dominated by loud colors and geometric basic shapes in addition to neutral tones—the high quality furniture hold their ground both in a home and an office environment.

Go and discover noo.ma’s products and check out the brand’s website!

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