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Self-playing electric circle guitar

London-born Anthony Dickens debuted an innovative, self-playing instrument concept named Circle guitar.

The circle-shaped electric guitar is gaining more and more popularity: it has already caught the attention of several musicians including Ed O’Brien, Radiohead and Grammy-winning writer and producer Paul Epworth.

The peculiarity of the special instrument developed with the help of engineers lies in the fact that it is capable of producing sounds and rhythms beyond the limits of a traditional electric guitar: a motor-driven spinning disc is placed in its body that rotates at up to 250 bpm under the strings. The built-in spinning disc has 128 holes, facilitating the striking of strings without fingers. The guitar captures the signal via a hexaphonic pickup. Another special feature of the instrument is that the strings can also be muted with the player’s fingers, thus even the smallest finger movement can create big tonal changes. 

Anthony Dickens’ circle guitar is currently a working prototype; its complex electronics are covered in a matte black acrylic body and rosewood fretboard. Its mechanical parts are housed within a single 3D-printed unit. Dickens is aiming to get the guitar in mass production by spring 2021.

Source: Designboom

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