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Tesla put a spin on steering wheels

Tesla has replaced the conventional wheel in their new Model S with a horn-like steering yoke: the reception of the retro-futuristic concept is mixed.

Some consider it questionable how practical the steering yoke will be with its undeniably unusual look, others jokingly ask whether they can opt for the full version as an extra, while Top Gear simply says that the latest Model S comes with half a steering wheel. CNet went further: they see the yoke, which evokes the TV series Knight Rider for many, as an explicit security risk.

Articles dissecting the new steering non-wheel list the issues: it will be difficult to reposition your hands while parking if it’s not round; if it slips out of your hands, it’ll be much harder to regain the grip, which is terribly dangerous in certain situations and can even increase the chance of hand injuries. Tesla cars are not advanced enough yet to be actually used in full self-driving mode, so drivers will definitely need a functional steering apparatus in the new Model S. We’ll see if the innovation gets approved at all, but in the meantime, we can admire its looks by thinking of it as a mere design object. For that, it doubtlessly suffices.

Source: Sky News, Top Gear, CNet

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