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The classic and contemporary face of Japan | Nebuta

Designed by Mhdesign, aka Manna Hábenczius, Budapest’s new Japanese restaurant boasts with a mainly modern interior, however, traditions also pop up here and there in the place.

There are many different ways to evoke Japanese living – Nebuta restaurant in Nyugati tér opted for the clean and simple approach. The team of Mhdesign designing the interior of the restaurant also adopted this idea and created a light, simply functional interior.

The most dominant material is light wood, appearing in both the surfaces and furniture of the place. All additional elements are in harmony with these, may it be the natural slate counter or the organic-looking, homogenous floors made of marmoleum.

That’s the minimalist part, accompanied by just a little bit of eclecticism: a colorful, classic Japanese wallpaper was placed on the walls on many parts upstairs, and a door with a rice-paper insert separates the VIP room from the guest area. The fish scale pattern of the wooden panels also gives a unique vibe to the place.

“All in all we managed to create a cozy and truly Japanese, contemporary look, which is in absolute harmony with the extraordinary Japanese gastronomy.” 


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