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The coolest ice cream parlors in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

As the weather improves, the ice cream season getting closer and closer. In our selection today, we offer five ice cream parlors, where, in addition to delicious ice cream creations, the venues themselves are also delightful.

Frank | Warsaw, Poland

For starters, we recommend Frank in Warsaw, where, in addition to excellent ice cream, handcrafted confectionery specialties are also available, and the kind service is just the icing on the cake.

Eis Greissler | Vienna, Austria

Eis Greissler from Austria is a proud representative of traditional homemade ice creams. You can meet them at several locations in Austria, and fresh milk delivered from their own farm guarantees that you will receive the same taste in all their shops.

Koun | Bratislava, Slovakia

Once you are in Bratislava, make sure to visit Koun, where ice cream specialties are made according to a real Italian recipe.

La Téne | Badacsony, Hungary

La Téne, which started in Badacsony last summer as a completely family business, is recommended as a compulsory stop on gastronomic tours around Lake Balaton. In addition to fresh coffee, handcrafted cakes and ice cream produced from delicious homemade milk are also available.

VIGÓ | Ljubljana, Slovenia

VIGÓ in Ljubljana takes the experience of ice cream to a new level: with professionally and, of course, finely prepared ice cream variations and a shop that beats luxury brands.

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