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A light and sophisticated footbridge on the Vltava River

A new, light and sophisticated footbridge has been built in the Czech Republic, providing passage over the Vltava River between two small settlements, Lužec nad Vltavou and Bukol.

Lužec nad Vltavou is located in the Mělník District, on the picturesque floodplain of the Vltava. In 1907, when the canal between the villages of Hořín and Vraňany was built, this settlement became the only Czech village with its entire area on an island. The footbridge dreamed up by architects Petr Tej and Marek Blank and bridge engineer Jan Mourek connects this special village with Bukol. The bridge is also a part of the long-distance north-south cycle route EuroVelo 7, which leads from Sweden to Sicily.

The lightness and elegance of the bridge are made possible by the technologically advanced material UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete). The result is a suspension bridge structure supported by an inclined column pylon and seventeen pairs of locked steel ropes. The bridge deck is composed of prefabricated segments made of UHPFRC; it towers above the river from a 777-meter height. Medium gray color hues make the appearance of all structural elements uniform. The Bukol side of the footbridge is connected to the surrounding landscape by a row of newly planted oak trees: these will eventually grow to the height of the supporting pylons.

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