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The world’s deepest pool set to open in Poland soon

Not even the coronavirus stood in the path of the construction works of the diving center built in Mszczonów near Warsaw, and the indoor pool of 45-meter depth within the same.

The builders of the pool of Deepspot diving center are currently at 34.4 meters depth – revealed a Facebook post shared by the center a few days ago. Once completed, it will be the deepest indoor pool in the world, and will serve as an ideal training facility for divers.

The team faced many challenges in the course of excavating the tube of 45 meters depth: the experts had to tackle obstacles similar to those waiting for construction teams working on subway tunnels. First they had to fight groundwater, then came the coronavirus, pushing back the construction significantly. In spite of all this, however, it seems that they will indeed reach the desired depth in a few weeks.

Source: Deeperblue, Notes from Poland

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