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The Fountain Villa | Mjölk architekti

Robust pine trees, glittering water surfaces and the smell of the river all over: this is where this villa remained from the era of the Czechoslovakian Republic is located, redesigned by Czech Mjölk architekti.

The villa is a renovated weekend home with a fountain, built in the era of the first Czechoslovakian Republic. It has lost its glamour a long time ago, but with the help of Mjölk architekti it could once again regain its former beauty.

A main aspect of the renovation was the preservation of the original values and atmosphere of the villa, thus the kept the character of the roof and the façade, too, but replaced the old materials with new ones.

Another goal during the design was to remove the disadvantageous garage addition – the architects used the freed up space for supplementing the entrance of the villa. Further changes included the re-division of the internal spaces of the building: the architects demolished a few partition walls and extended the openings on the façade of the building overlooking the garden.

The villa can provide comfortable accommodation to four people, and includes a kitchen, a living room, two children’s rooms, a master bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom and a study.

Photos: Boysplaynice

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