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The freeing power of creation | Manohuis

Playground, creative club, experiments, adventures. We present you Manohuis, a Hungarian brand where the eco-mindset is combined with endless creativity and cheer.

“Our name is goofy like this because this is what we wanted, as a joke” – introduce Manohuis founders Anita Nyirő and Györgyi Jacsó the story of their brand. In their case, we can be sure that we are dealing with the rare case of designers who don’t take themselves too seriously. The name is of Dutch origins, by the way (huis means house), as the girls love the Netherlands very much, while mano comes from a nickname.

‘Ham and Egg’ Chairs

Anita and Györgyi experiment with objects to be used in home decoration, they create or renovate furniture, lamps, pillows and home textiles in a colorful and playful manner. “This is a playground, there are no boundaries. Creative club, experiments, the touching of various professions, the merging and mixing of different arts, adventures.
We consider creation as a freeing power important, therefore we also hold furniture-making workshops, so that the participants become joyful, happy and proud at the end of the session” – tell the girls about their activity.

Both of them have a creative past: graphic design, object and interior photography, film props and home decoration, plastering, painting, wallpapering, electrical work, upholstery, woodworking… this diversity and impetus also leave their marks on their objects. The girls love nature very much and are driven by an eco-conscious approach, which also shows on their products, as many times they renovate old furniture and they also use motifs inspired by nature a lot.

When we asked them what their favorite items were amongst their own products, they both chose the large, organic cuddle pillows, which they manufacture out of felt. “In the past year, we found felt – actually this is the material for which we were looking for until now, so we are endlessly grateful that Multifelt Factory in Kőszeg will continue to operate. This material is made of 100% wool and has a very good impact on the human body. It is anti-allergen, has a cooling effect and one can have a really great sleep next to it. It’s durable, elegant and it will degrade at the end of its service life when put into the soil” – they told us. And now let’s see their personal favorites!

Györgyi with her pillow named Muci:

One of my favorite activities is sleeping, but unfortunately an important friend of ours died recently, and I had a hard time sleeping. This was when we created this cuddle pillow named Muci, next to which I can sleep even more than before.

Anita with her Doodle pillow:

I love doodles and the eighties! I wanted to make a 3D pillow out of a 2d doodle, just for fun.

For the time being, Anita and Györgyi are still experimenting with the shapes, colors and sizes of the pillows. When it comes to their goal, they are sure: they would like to cheer up as many people as possible with them.

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