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The Hungarian State Railways’ online redesign | DOT Creative

The renewed online ticket selling platform of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) is already available in its beta version, presenting a long-needed visual change compared to the previous version. The comprehensive redesign was created by the DOT Creative agency.

Anyone who frequently travels within Hungary by train knows exactly that MÁV’s online interface used to offer a not exactly modern and user-friendly platform to passengers, design- and structure-wise alike. Even though it was possible to get used to the poor design and the system’s seemingly irrational logic, the website could really use a fresh look and a smoother user experience. These changes were brought about by the team of DOT Creative, who launched the ticketing platform‘s currently available beta version after a long period of research and design.

DOT Creative was commissioned by the railway company and its creative agency, Lounge Design. The project’s first steps included forming digital brand guidelines, followed by the design of the online platforms. During the process, they were using the Atomic Design methodology, the essence of which is to start out from the smallest parts of the user interface and then develop them into more complex systems, just like building atoms into molecules and then organisms.

Each step of the redesigned user journey is explained on the page through clear illustrations, and a unique, responsive set of icons has also been created for the platform. When composing the site’s appearance, the needs of different target groups had to be considered, so the designers aimed to create a safe and straightforward yet modern visual environment.

Regarding that the perception of such a complex service depends on the quality of each interactive step (from meeting the staff in person through purchasing tickets online to how passengers are informed about delays on the train), the redesign of the online platform can be a good first step towards refining the overall quality of MÁV’s service.

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